01. Continuous improvement

It is the desire to improve our skills, knowledge, professional and personal qualities. It is a constant learning and exchange of experience.

02. Quality

We produce a product that you can be proud of and strive to achieve the best results. And this is manifested in everything: both in work and in relationships in the team.

03. Result

The main thing is not the process, but the result. “To do” and “have something done” are different concepts.

04. Respect

We recognize the dignity of the individual, the professionalism and achievements of every employee of the company, regardless of position. At the heart of the relationships in the company is the principle of respect for the individual: we treat everyone with confidence and ethics, because a person is above all.

05. Responsibility

Awareness of the degree of own significance and contribution to the general result of the company, the desire to bring what was started to an end – the basic principles of Zagrava. Under any circumstances, we are responsible not only for the results of our work, but also for our words and deeds.

06. Team spirit

Drive, energy and enthusiasm for a work of love – this is what we profess, something that allows us to forget about the word “work”. We are sure that the highest results are achieved only due to the coordinated work of the whole team! Teamwork provides for the right of everyone to receive support and professional assistance and obliges everyone to provide such assistance.

07. Social responsibility

Our principle is “We care”. We participate in the development of our hometown, support charitable and and social projects.

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