➤ development of the concept of the game and game mechanics, genre, plot, characters, etc.;

➤ adherence to a single general concept of the game in texts, levels, interfaces and other game elements;

➤ development of the internal economy of the game and its monetization;

➤ analysis of statistics and game balancing;

➤ definition of priority tasks and planning of their development for several versions ahead.


Requirements for candidates:

✔ experience in creating features and events as a game designer. Ability to see problems in interfaces, balance, general logic of events;

✔ good knowledge and understanding of the F2P games market;

✔ availability of published, commercially successful game projects in the portfolio;

✔ ability to clearly formulate and express own opinions;

✔ ability to set goals and focus on work results;

✔ ability to understand new non-standard tasks.


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