“I feel like home”: 3 stories about the relocation from Zagrava employees

Zagrava, that is a studio-developer of games from Rivne, is part of the international company Playrix and creates world-class projects. The team is growing and actively attracts talents from all over Ukraine and Belorussia. Despite the fact that Zagrava supports a hybrid work format, it is collaboration in a comfortable office that is considered the most effective. Many candidates share this belief and agree to move to Rivne from another part of the country or from abroad.

The editors of the online magazine The Point learned from employees of Zagrava how the company supports colleagues who have decided to travel for their dream job.

Viktoria Holovko, 3D modeler, Zagrava (Playrix)

I joined the team three months ago: I came from Belorussia. I already had a little experience in game development, and I wanted to develop in this direction. My task at the post is to model objects provided by 2D artists (turn them into three-dimensional ones). In the future, I want to grow in the direction of animation – now I am studying at professional courses.

I didn’t have to hesitate about moving to Ukraine. I really liked the style of games – both as a player and as a specialist. We were quite satisfied with the proposed conditions, and it was a pleasure to communicate with HR-s and managers. I completed the test task with pleasure. In addition, I wanted to work with the team in the office – this way you can learn more useful skills than working remotely.

When you feel how all your colleagues help each other, you have a sincere desire and motivation to improve.

The company supported me when I moved. The lawyer provided all the documentation support. HR’s were always in touch. I was met, put up in a pre-rented good apartment, prepared a real guide to the city of Rivne with locations on the map and contacts. My mentor and team helped me adapt at work.

Now I don’t feel any discomfort from changing my place of residence and work. In particular, in communications – I understand Ukrainian and Russian perfectly.

We are constantly communicating with our family and friends via video link, and I am planning a trip home soon.

Eugene Khanenko, 2D artist, Zagrava (Playrix)

We moved to Rivne with our family, my wife and daughter, almost a year ago (from the Zhytomyr region). My specialty is the development of locations, namely backgrounds.

Before that, I worked as a graphic designer for three years. But I had no experience in game development. Working at Zagrava was my dream. A year earlier, I had already considered a vacancy, but then I didn’t have enough skills to complete the test task. So I set a goal to increase my skill level: I played Fishdom and Scapes games, drew more, and studied. I tried again, this time successfully: I was offered a job.

The company helped us with the move and found an apartment near the office. However, then there was a need to find a new home – and with the help of the company, we again rented an apartment, even better and closest to the office (five minutes). They cared not only for me, but also for the welfare of the family – they told me everything down to the details, including where the markets, out-patient clinic and kindergartens are located in the area. Although I have already found my way around the city – my grandmother lives here.

I remember a strong first impression when I came to the office – I saw firsthand how my colleagues develop my favorite Playrix games. I liked the friendly attitude to each other.

I quickly felt like I was part of a world-class company that makes products to the highest quality standards.

In general, I could consider long-term offers, but I feel comfortable working in the office, not at home (so it’s easier to keep a balance between work and personal life). I like to communicate with colleagues and managers, learn from experience – so development is faster. In addition, our office has extremely comfortable conditions and is full of “bonuses”.

I am interested in growing professionally, and the company contributes to this: from the very first days I had a mentor who helped me tune in to the style and principles of work.

I am currently taking a course offered by the company at the School of Drawing and Digital Graphics. The employee can also apply for training.

We have no problems communicating with our relatives. A couple of hours and a bus or BlaBlaCar – and I’m home.

Not only I enjoy our games, but my wife also plays them. My daughter is not playing yet, she is only three years old, but she enjoys watching: she likes bright colors and characters.

Mariana Kondratiuk, 3D animator, Zagrava (Playrix)

Before Zagrava, I had already been working as a 3D animator for four years – I did animation for various cartoons (in particular, foreign projects), as well as for games. I lived and worked in Lviv before, and eight months ago joined the Zagrava team in Rivne. The essence of my work is to provide movement to characters, “to breathe life” into 3D models (these are different cycles of interesting character pranks, as well as cycles of walking, running, and various movements that are needed for the game)., I work with game designers, modelers, riggers, and other 3D animators like me most of all. I still like cartoons, but now it’s a hobby: I plan to develop in games development.

I made the decision to move easily. A friend of mine worked in the 3D department of the company, and I only heard excellent reviews: about the culture, conditions.

I am impressed that the employer cares not only about productivity, but also about the comfort, health, nutrition, recreation and entertainment of employees.

My colleagues and I are constantly developing – for example, I am currently taking several online courses on 3D animation, some of which were partially paid for by the company.

I have long liked the games that the studio develops. I also had the opportunity to work remotely, but I wanted to go to the office and communicate with the team live – before that, I worked from home for a long time, and this was enough. By the way, I didn’t want to move to Kyiv – the capital is too big and noisy for me, and Rivne is quite my city, here I feel comfortable at home.

The company supported me in my movement. They found me a place to live 20 minutes from work on foot, paid rent for the trial period. The team helped me adapt quickly. We talked a lot not only at work and corporate events, but also spent time outside the office, went for walks and in cafes. Now my social circle in Rivne is mostly my colleagues.

I’m glad I moved to another city for a job. It is easy to keep in touch with your family and friends, as well as drive from Rivne to Lviv for several hours on the road.

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