– Medical insurance not only for employees, but also for their children under 18 years old;

– Free breakfasts, hot lunches, snacks, drinks;

– Compensation for a gym membership in the amount of 50% of its cost.


We appreciate the time of each employee, so we offer a flexible work schedule. As our office is open 24/7, you can work according to the schedule convenient for you.


We respect the Legislation of Ukraine, so we offer only official employment + white wages (no sole proprietor), as well as 100% sick pay and annual paid leave of 28 calendar days.


 It is necessary to study throughout life. Zagrava supports the desire of employees for self-development and provides the opportunity to attend trainings, courses and conferences in the necessary areas. The company’s office also offers free English language courses for everyone with professional teachers and the latest textbooks.


The company’s office best meets the needs of employees. In addition to comfortable and cozy work areas, we have a cafeteria where you can chat with colleagues over a cup of coffee and a game room where you can relax and be distracted between work. We also have a kitchen where our employees are served with healthy breakfasts and full hot lunches.


We are a community of people who are in love with their work. We want every employee to feel in family circle here. Here you can always find support in the most difficult situations.


Zagrava offers employment for employees from other cities. For them, we have a “relocation package”: compensation for the cost of tickets and renting an apartment for a probationary period and, of course, assistance with the purchase of tickets and removal.


After hard work you need to rest as much as you work 🙂 Proof of this is our drive corporate parties and events. We swim in kayaks, play rock on guitars, sing songs, plant trees, climb mountains, bathe in serpentine fountains, compete in quests and much more.

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