Charity: How we support Ukraine’s defenders

March and April were incredibly productive months for our team. While we’re focused on creating global hits, we also actively support Ukraine’s defenders through our charitable efforts.


How we contributed in March and April:

  • Purchased FPV drones: Thanks to the efforts of our employees, in March we successfully acquired a batch of FPV drones. 


  • Provided laptops for FPV drone operator training: We delivered three laptops to train future FPV drone pilots. We believe that each of their future missions will be successful.


  • Raised funds for a military van: Together, we raised enough money to purchase a van for the A3508 military unit. This will improve the mobility and operational efficiency of our defenders.


  • Radios for the unit: We purchased 10 radios for our colleague’s unit to ensure reliable communication on the battlefield.


  • Wheel set for reconnaissance soldiers: We provided a wheel set for reconnaissance soldiers in the Zaporizhzhia region.


  • Amplifier antenna for aerial reconnaissance: We strengthened aerial reconnaissance capabilities by providing an amplifier antenna to one of the units.


When you have a dream team, you can simultaneously create global hits and support our defenders. Thanks to joint efforts, we will continue to do even more good deeds for those who protect our borders.

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